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HELL W10, o filme de Joe Strummer


Joe Strummer escreveu e dirigiu essa estranha paródia silenciosa em 1983, enquanto o Clash descansava das turnês. O filme não é bom, mas vale como curiosidade. Não é sempre que vemos o Mick Jones vestido de Scarface, certo?

This is a bizarre silent, black and white short film directed by the late Joe Strummer, the Clash’s frontman. The basic plot surrounds a man named Earl (Clash bassist Paul Simonon) and a drug-lord/porn director named Socrates (their guitarist/singer Mick Jones). Earl’s girlfriend gets involved with Socrates and his business, and soon enough Earl becomes the man’s number one enemy. Socrates tries to get his goons on Earl’s case, especially after he hocks a batch of Socrates’ “special” porn, but Earl manages to wrangle up a group of his friends to rebel against them. He’s clearly not going to go down without a fight.

I found it to work very well as a movie regardless of your affinity for the Clash. The story is told very well despite being silent. I found myself very much engrossed within the first five minutes and was never let down by the interesting ways the story is told as the action unfolds. The soundtrack adds a very nice touch and lends a lot of depth and feel to Hell W10. The film is very effective at reflecting the band’s imagination and insistence on underground/DIY aesthetic feel.


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